Where Have You Been?


I have been waiting for you, right here, right now.


Since we started so long ago, you and I were meant to cross paths.

Yes right here and right now.


We are on a mission to spread the word, that song that rang true in our ear.


You have your path an I have mine, yet in life we will indeed at the present time see eye to eye.


With a singularity we will become as one. True Brothers from different Mothers.


With a deep look into your eyes I can see you and you can see me.


We were never so different, with a slap on the bottom we entered the race,


running as fast as we can.


I tried to rest, and get my bearings but there was no path back from whence I came.


Even the familiar lost its familiarity.


Yes, I was LOST! no map or compass could point the way.


A step to the left or to the right would forever change the view I had.


Yes, I am Lost I thought. Where is family who are my friends.


What is TRUTH and what is a LIE.


Am I going somewhere or am I leaving maybe even running from somewhere?


Your parents and mine are on the Journey too.


Every one you know or ever knew is right out here with you.


All of your friends are wandering, some in the dark.


Thru all time and thru all space we have all been sojourners in this crusade, the migration of mankind.


All stories, music, books, languages, manuscripts, encyclopedias, reports, articles, history, museums,


monuments, beliefs, theocracies, culture, habits, institutions, internet, and so much more are ways that


we share the common collective.


If we are to make it to our HOME, we must take time and share ourselves and our experiences with


fellow travelers.


So here I am today with you sharing using my BLOG my song, my life with you awaiting you sharing your song with me.


We are not alone, and we are not in a race against one another.


The truth is we are all out here together and we really need each other to survive and cross the


Great Divide.


The divide in our minds.


Bruce Kashinsky

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