Well here I am again. Where am I?

Am I getting anywhere?

I have been thinking of so many things to say to you,

Now that my BLOG is  finally getting started.

Yet even my small sense of accomplishment hardly seems to flourish in these turbulent times.

I have good intentions to do the necessary work required by success.

However my mind and body are continually taking me off of course.

Yes I am on a voyage on a turbulent ocean with a map and a compass to show the way that I must go.

While the world turns me around taking me off course.

I must keep my self disciplined to take every step.

Yes before one starts on a journey you need to have a vision, a sense of where it is you would like to be

You look down and it is apparent where you are, then you look up and you can almost see where you want to be.

But between where you are and where you want to be there are so many steps that must be made to arrive at the destination.

You can go it alone, but I have tried that and it is slow and unsteady and when you look up where are you you can’t see the shore.

You miss a step and get all turned around, now were are you. Your lost at sea, do you keep going or do you turn back to where you started from?

Is this even worth going after the mind races with all manner of doubt and turbulence trying to infect the soul.

How will you even survive on your small vessel upon this troubling sea?

I have been out here lost on a lost island for almost ever.

I seem to almost have lost my mind trying to piece together my old vehicle my ship to seek the home of success.

I had finally calmed down and fell to sleep, I was dreaming I had finally mad it and found my treasure in the land of paradise and plenty.

And then I was shaken to my core with the voice of a fellow sailor saying “It’s time to stop the madness!” “It’s time to stop the madness!”

Who was this who would be saying this to me? After all I am a grown man who has cut out my own path.

But yet he had a point I was stuck on a lost island in the midst of a raging sea with no clear direction to go.

I was so lost I couldn’t even call it a day and go back to whence I came from.

Yes this stranger was right it is time to stop the madness.

I missed my chance for a real MENTOR once years ago.

If I only had the guts to give all that I had then to take the journey with Alex Jefferies only God knows how many I could have saved.

Yes Yes Steve Alvey is right, it is time to come out of the cold and align myself to another great and experienced sailor from across the pond

A MENTOR with a great armada who has navigated even the roughest waters.

So now I am on a new leg of an old journey with new friends to meet and overcome all obstacles along the way with a proven team.

John Thornhill and “Partnership to Success”, and “The Ambassador Program”

So if you like me have been on this journey or are about to set sail.

Google John Thornhill and his Coaching/Mentoring Flagship program “Partnership to Success”

I am sure there is room for one more my friend.

To all of our successes!


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