A little bit about me

Born in 1951 in Utica, New York, raised in Rochester, New York.
I set up my first home based business a Kool-Aid stand. I didn’t have enough traffic to make a big profit.
Later I had two newspaper routes the Democrat and Chronicle and, the Times Union.
I remember one morning in winter when I slipped on ice with two full bags of paper it seemed like I would be stuck there forever. I finally got back on my feet. Kind of like Internet Marketing everything is fine till it seems like you’re stuck. How to get up again? Persistent and steady action and voila you are back in business.

I made money babysitting,

Mowing lawns, anything I found that I could get paid for.

I was attending Burger Junior High School in Henrietta, N.Y.

I went to Agostinelli Grocery Store for a stock boy position.

Pat Deguiseppi told me that He only hired girls.

My Father told me if I really wanted a job to go back every day for a month asking for the job and I would get that job.
So every day I asked Pat again, I got the job. Lesson: Do not give up you will make it BIG, and earn commissions working from home.
One winter day in Henrietta I was standing on a mountain of ice and snow in our driveway with an ice pick chipping away when the city plow came by, the driver instructed me to get down and he cleared our drive. My Father came out could not believe his eyes; I was sweeping the black top. Another great lesson: don’t let anything stop you and you will get the help you need.

When I was just beginning High School we lived in Durham, North Carolina I went to Honey’s Restaurant to get a job as a busboy, I loved it.

But I wanted more money so I went to the Ramada Inn applied for a waiter’s position. One afternoon my customer complained the soup was too cold, I had the Chef re-heat it. Again He said the soup was cold. I brought the soup to the Chef, she started to get upset. Again the customer complained. Back to the kitchen I went. The Chef got angry. Once again I presented the hot soup; to my surprise that customer left me a $20 dollar tip (commission). Lesson: give the customer what they want and the rewards will be great.

As years went by I had many Restaurant jobs, dishwasher, busboy, waiter, bartender, captain. The business was great I loved serving people and being rewarded with tips. I learned not to count my tips while I was working. Just concentrate on service. I always made the most in tips of anyone in any house (Restaurant) I worked in. Lesson: Service first the money will follow.
In 1979 I heard Lockheed was hiring in Burbank, Ca. I waited too long so when I showed up they were thru hiring. My Father told me years ago if you really want something do not take no for an answer just keep coming back every day for a month and you will get it. I came back every day for a month I got a job. I was really bringing in great money. Lesson: Persistence paid off again.

All of these lessons apply to Internet Marketing. Persist, give great service and you will profit.